What are the main reasons for seeing a naturopathic doctor?

  • To optimize health and address chronic health concerns
  • To improve overall well-being and quality of life
  • They are seeking alternatives with fewer side effects than their current medication(s)
  • In search of medicine that best complements conventional medicine
  • To learn strategies helpful in disease prevention and health promotion
  • To receive support in dealing with a range of symptoms from an undiagnosed illness that has not been addressed


What is a typical visit with a Naturopathic doctor look like?

Your first visit with a naturopathic doctor usually lasts an hour (we like to ask a lot of questions and have you describe your health goals in detail). In that time, a thorough medical history is taken and some basic physical exam components may be performed to get a clearer idea of your symptoms. Follow-up visits can range from 30-45mins. Depending on your concern, the frequency of your visits can be every week or 2, up to every 5-6 months once you’re feeling well and in order to maintain your good health.

Are visits covered by health insurance?

Many extended healthcare benefits cover naturopathic medicine.  Contact your insurer for details.

I don’t live near your practice. Can I still benefit from your services?

Yes! As much as I would love to help everyone, it is simply not possible to do so. Therefore, I decided to provide free information videos, blog posts and detox programs to get you started from a trusted source. I also share my more detailed programs for weight-loss, hormone balance and energy boosting (the ones I use with my actual patients in my private practice!).  However, as with any person I speak to, I always encourage everyone to consult with their local naturopathic doctor or other healthcare provider before starting any new health program.

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